Welcome to Sand-Ease Healthcare.

therapist-photoMy name is Sandy Combe and I am a fully qualified Holistic Therapist and hold recognized qualifications with ITEC and VTCT. I try to find the cause, not just treat the symptoms that my clients want help with. This is done by using one or a combination of therapies and this will be discussed after a full, free, consultation during the first visit.

Some people manage stress very well, up to a certain degree, but when you are constantly under stress it can result in your body being ‘out of balance’ and presenting with different ailments, such as back pain, knee pain, irritable bowel syndrome and many more. Your body works like a symphony orchestra and when the organs and body parts are working together well you feel good, but when you get too stressed then your body’s internal communication begins to break down. It tries to tell you this by giving you warning signs of aches and pains.

verificationhorizontalYour body is the most wonderful machine/computer that you are ever likely to own, so it is worth looking after. Holistic treatments are aimed at helping you achieve a relaxed and healthy state so that you can enjoy your life.

Events and pamper parties can be organized for you in and around the Moray area, using well qualified therapists offering a choice of therapies. Vouchers are also available for those looking for that extra special gift for Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s day, or just as a treat or prize for a colleague.

The BodyTalk System

Using BodyTalbodytalk-logok the body is encouraged to heal in order of priority, sometimes you’ll get results right away and sometimes deeper healing is taking place, so noticeable results may take a few more sessions. A session is simple, you lie on a massage couch (or can sit comfortably in a chair) whilst a muscle test of ‘yes’ ‘no’ responses is obtained using your arm. The resulting information is then tapped gently on the brain to balance the body and on the heart to store the information.

BodyTalk Access can also be taught and is open to anyone wishing to learn basic self-balancing and first-aid techniques that can be used whenever required